March 22, 2012

Hypertension and diabetes: relationship , signs and treatment

Two diseases that can be easily called the disease of the twenty first century, hypertension and diabetes are closely related . Very often the cause of […]
March 21, 2012

Low blood pressure: how to fight it

We have low blood pressure (hypotension) ,if it is below 95/65. In this case there are unpleasant consequences such as insufficient supply of blood and oxygen […]
March 21, 2012

Hypotension and pregnancy: caution!

In magazines and books there are published various articles on the prevention and treatment of this disease. But on the hypotension, a disease associated with reduced […]
March 20, 2012

Treating Hypertension drugs or natural ?

What are the drugs that lower blood pressure? Which drug is more effective? The objective of the treatment of hypertension is blood pressure reduction and the […]
March 20, 2012

Potatoes for reducing blood pressure

Potatoes are the last superfood, according to experts in the field of dietetics and nutrition. Two servings of potatoes per day can lower blood pressure. However, […]
March 18, 2012

Slow weight loss to improve your health quickly

To weight loss, you probably have heard that it is preferable to perform a slow diet to weight loss compared to a rapid diet . Weight […]
March 18, 2012

Natural treatment against hypertension.

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is the force applied against the artery walls. Hypertension is a silent disease, which may have no symptoms for […]
March 17, 2012

Purple potatoes to fight against hypertension

Purple Potatoes could help to lower blood pressure without gaining weight, according to a U.S. study published last week by the American Chemical Society. The purple […]
March 15, 2012

Play sports lower blood pressure

Make regular physical activity is recommended for prevention of several diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It has been shown recently, as a result of […]