Effective Raw Food Diet for Fast Weight Loss

Effective Raw Food Diet for Fast Weight Loss

Weight loss has become a very hot subject of discussion in the world today especially in the western society where many people eat unhealthy. There are different ways for achieving a perfect body weight. Many people are rushing for supplement work outs that are chemical in nature but they are not working out for all people. Use of supplements for weight loss can be detrimental at times especially when you overdose. With time, it can bring heart attacks and hypertension. Weight losers have realized that, there are some ways of losing weight naturally without thinking of any side effects.

What is a raw food diet ?

A raw food diet is based on natural foods which do not have harmful chemicals as they are eaten in their fresh and natural forms. Veggies, fruits and grains are common foods that usually make up a raw food diet. The diet is essential for everyone who wants to lose weight in a natural way without thinking of any dangers. If you are cutting weight using natural foods, you need more than 65% of the natural foods in your daily diet. With raw foods you can also lower blood pressure.

Raw food diet, what is it ?

Benefits of a raw food diet ?

There are many beauties of eating raw foods including :

  1. Accelerated energy.
  2. Improvement of digestion.
  3. Clearer and supple skin .
  4. Weight stability.
  5. Reduction in risks of contracting cancer or diabetes
  6. Detoxicating the body system for enhanced functionality.

Depending on the raw food diet it can add fiber in your body since foods lose fiber during cooking. Raw foods have maximum fiber and you will add enough on your system for better functioning. It is easy to go raw and if you need to loss weight in a healthy way, you can easily go now!

Old man on main Benefits of following a Raw Food Diet

Raw Diet Plan

healthy salad
You only need to get prepared and then start off the road to success in losing weight. It is simple and you do not have to hassle pulling weights up and down in the gym. The diets come in their natural form and they are full of fibers which are essential in building a healthy body.

Easy rules For your 4, 8 and 12 day- diet plans

4 day diet:

Do away with bloating, enjoy revitalized muscles through energy supplies and lose around 5 pounds.

8 day diet:

Add energy into your system, reduce some weight, make your skin supple and very smooth and revitalize your body system with increased blood flow.

12 day diet:

Look younger, get new skin smoothness, lose weight and realize a big change in your weight, look fresh than before, lose excess fats and enjoy a better body tone.

It is very simple and you are in the process easily. You need to eat Veggies, fruits, whole grains, drink plenty of water, honey and fresh juice.

  • Breakfast:

  • water breakfast
    You may start the day off with around two glasses of fresh water. This is a cleansing agent and you will be a very clean system at the start of the day. You can add on some fresh juice like the lemon. You should take it slowly without hurry. This will help the system to absorb more of the fresh juices. Water is detoxicates and makes the system very fresh.

  • Lunch:

  • vegetables salad

    During lunch time, you need to feed on fresh juices, include salads in your meal and eat veggies. This can perfectly be done at around noon to one every day. This is a simple way of making your body healthier and adding more energy hence making your body perfect. It is a simple way to lose weight in a very natural process. This is healthier compared to eating fats which only accumulate on the system and add up weight.

  • Snacks:


    Between the meals, you can choose healthy snacks such as smoothies and fresh yogurt. You should now the fat levels of yogurt before you use it as a snack. Making smoothies at home can save you the cost and enable you to enjoy your weight loss program better. It is easy to use the snacks as they do not need you to have any preparation. Most of the veggies should be eaten whole to keep the high diet contents.

  • Dinner:

  • water breakfast
    You can east your dinner as from 6pm in the evening. You should not delay beyond 8 pm to avoid starving. However, snacks will come in handy to help you survive until the next meal. When you eat fats during the time of activity, you will continue pilling more weight. If you take your dinner when you are going to sleep, the fats will be broken down and used up by the body system as you sleep. This is the best time for the system to heal fast. In the dinner, you may consider adding some essential fats from avocado and nuts. You may need to dress it with some fruit salads. During the day, you should be drinking some fresh water continually. Water should not be taken only in the morning but you must take more water within the breaks. This is a perfect way of cleansing and allowing the system to remain fresh as you wait for the next meal.

A nice raw Food Recipe – Bruschetta

You can make raw foods and maintain a healthy system that will enable you to enjoy weight losing session better. The following recipe can help you in making a healthy raw food that can meet your body needs quickly. You can make the Bruschetta which is a very delicious raw diet. There are different raw foods and each of them has different recipes.


The recipe should include the following ingredients. Most of the raw food recipes are easy to follow and they do not take you much time.

  • Bread
  • 1 cucumber
  • 5 Basil leaves
  • 1 Tomato
  • Feta cheese
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • 1 eggplant base
  • Sauces- white miso and apple vinegar.


You can first slice the tomato as well as the egg plant. After you can dehydrate for around 11 hours. Secondly, you can slice your cucumber into smaller pieces Mix apple vinegar with white miso until they form a very smooth paste You can mix the vinegar and miso paste and then spread it Thereafter, you can make various layers of cucumber, tomato and basil on the eggplant. Enjoy the delicious Bruschetta Most of the recipes are simple and you will enjoy it in time. The beauty of the recipes is that, they are simple to follow and you will not cook anything. This is a good way to effective weight loss. Some raw foods you can eat Raw food diet is crucial in weight loss and you can attain it by eating the following raw foods. Fruits- they can help you in making the body look fresh and well supplied with fiber and water. Fresh fruits are healthy and they will help you in maintaining a healthy body system. You can take mangoes, oranges and lemons. Vegetables- They assists in adding fiber to the body. Good fiber content is important in the body and it allows you to have good tissue formation. Grapes and broccoli- they are important in strengthening the body system by providing necessary nutrients. Raw soy and kimchee are also essential raw foods that can keep your system firm and stable. With the raw foods, you can manage your Weight loss easily.

Lowering blood pressure by eating raw foods

water breakfast
Raw foods are essential for achieving lower blood pressure. Many people are finding the foods very useful in cutting excess weight. If you give the body preferable nourishment, it will heal naturally and keep a normal blood pressure. Living a healthier life is crucial if you know the risks that come about with hypertension. This is a motivation for people to live healthier lives. There are several risks associated with high blood pressure which include lack of sleep, sexual dysfunction, and loss of sight, heart attacks, constipation and kidney failure. Many people opt for medical solutions but using raw food diet can be an effective solution. This is important as it helps to keep a healthy body as well as maintain a very strong system. Raw foods will aid you in easy weight loss. Hypertension is a serious problem and can sometimes lead to death through heart failure. Natural foods can help you to lower blood pressure and cut weight. Most of the raw foods are easily available and you can find them in the local. If you have a problem with blood pressure, it is very important to avoid chemical supplements or manufactured foods as they increase the risks of contacting the problem. A health practitioner can be helpful in the effective maintenance of your health. With a clear plan to follow, you will cut weight amazingly and avoid any heart issues which may come due to poor feeding habits. Raw foods are natural and healthy so you will not have any fear that you can get side effects. Going raw by using vegetables or fruits is one of the best things you can do to your body. Grains and nuts can also prove helpful in keeping the blood pressure lower.