Types and diseases related to hypertension

Types and diseases related to hypertension

Blood pressure is the force of blood exerted on the arteries and veins that circulates through the body and it is controlled by a complex regulatory system involving the heart, blood vessels, brain and kidneys .Hypertension is defined as the average blood pressure 140/90 or higher in at least two separate measurements. It’s actually quite difficult to clearly say that you have high blood pressure before you have done a blood pressure test .

Blood pressure is different minute by minute. In some people, however, blood pressure is chronically high and this is a condition known as hypertension. There are two well-known types of high blood pressure .

Essential Hypertension (Primary Hypertension) This disease has been diagnosticated in about 95 % of the cases and the causes of this disease have not been identified yet .

Secondary Hypertension ,it is a very wear form of hypertension .It is cause by different factors like kidney diseases ,gland tumors , sleep apnea, etc .

Be sure to lower your blood pressure right away if you experience any of the above symptoms.