Quick Tips to reduce hypertension

Hypertension is a disease that moves slowly with no obvious symptoms at first. Many people with hypertension are unaware they have it . Yet this disease is the second leading cause of death after smoking. We talk about hypertension when at least the blood pressure is consistently equal to or greater than 140/90.

It is possible to effectively fight against hypertension by simply changing your lifestyle. This may help you avoid medication.

Measure your blood pressure regularly:

Checking your blood pressure regularly by your doctor helps . You can also measure yourself with a suitable device ,also made regular blood tests to monitor your cholesterol and blood sugar because having high cholesterol or diabetes promotes hypertension.

Eat healthy:

Rebalance your diet and control your weight. Make a plan if it is necessary. Head on over to fruits, vegetables and fiber and temper your consumption of sweets, high fat meals and alcohol.

Go active:

Make most of possible physical activities. To lower blood pressure, nothing better than swimming, cycling or walking.

Stop smoking:

GIVE UP SMOKING! because it increases blood pressure considerably. Ask for help if necessary.

Keep cool:

It is important to have good sleep. Do not hesitate to arrange the times of the day to practice breathing exercises, yoga or relaxation. Sport also helps to reduce stress and therefore have a great importance in lowering your blood pressure.