Quick Tips for lowering high blood pressure

Quick Tips for lowering high blood pressure

High blood pressure

Having high blood pressure affect many people , it increases the risk of stroke, heart attack and kidney failure. Hypertension is difficult to know since there are no signals at the beggining .


No ONE can find a reason why blood pressure is high, but in most cases is due to stress, obesity or genetic.


Fatigue and headaches are the common ones . In order to lower blood pressure we need to change some habits, such as:

Stop smoking if you smoke. The nicotine in cigarette causes the heart pumps faster. It is not good to smoke even though your blood pressure is low. Half of all smokers die , is it worth the risk then?

Drink as little alcohol as possible because the effect that it has will certainly increase the risk of making higher your blood pressure.

Salt never. It’s not recommended to eat salt . Too much salt can increase high blood pressure.

Exercise a lot and lose weight, because overweight bennefits hypertension.

If these tips do not help, you can contact your personal doctor .


There are many different medications that help for lowering blood pressure. Especially in the elderly usually doctors recommend to take between 2-3 different medications .

As long as you take the drug you will be fine , but if you stop, it might return, so you will need to take them for a lifetime.