Play sports lower blood pressure

Make regular physical activity is recommended for prevention of several diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It has been shown recently, as a result of several years of study that sport can lower blood pressure . Doctors advise their patients to practice regular physical activity.

According to specialists, physical activity can reduce blood pressure . To practice such an activity, the heart muscles contract and the pace improves more and more the activity if it is practiced regularly.

Benefits of sport on the body

By exercising , the pulse improves. You can then spend more hours to run or jog because fatigue diminishes with practice. The arteries are dilated and improve blood circulation. The practice of regular physical activity is also an effective way to lower cholesterol in the blood.

Making the right choice

Endurance activities are also recommended to lower blood pressure. Among the list is walking, cycling, skiing, running races, swimming and gymnastics. Consistency is very important, get some exercise at least 30 minutes three or four times a week.