Hypotension and pregnancy: caution!

In magazines and books there are published various articles on the prevention and treatment of this disease. But on the hypotension, a disease associated with reduced vascular tone and blood pressure, virtually nothing has been written except here .Low blood pressure during pregnancy is very dangerous.

Hypotension during pregnancy: Causes and symptoms

The causes of hypotension

Stress and a sedentary lifestyle and there is a secondary form of hypotension caused by heart disease, infections, severe blood loss, dehydration, etc.

Symptoms of hypotension

  • Reduced capacity for work
  • Fatigue
  • Lethargy
  • Irritability
  • Heart attacks

Hypotension in pregnancy: what is the danger?

Low blood pressure can threaten the life and health of the fetus. Medics have proved the relationship between abnormalities of the child and the violation of uterine blood flow . In addition, the baby can die from collapse caused by low blood pressure .

There are some pills against hypotension that could causes some troubles ,these drugs sometimes increase the pressure due to narrowing of blood vessels, and it reduces the flow of blood and needed nutrients to the fetus. “Dihydroergotamine” or “Etilefrin” can cause the baby of malformations. So you have to ber careful with the pills your doctor recommmends you .

Hypotension during pregnancy: more salt.

The body needs salt in order to keep the pressure normal. Expectant mothers should use iodized salt because it helps maintain the thyroid gland in the mother and her child.

For the breakfast it is recommended meat with salt in moderation. It will avoid the reduction in blood pressure.If you start to use of salts ,the expectant mother will get thirsty, and so you will want to drink. This will help you to increase the blood volume. Doctors recommend taking 9 grams of salt each day for pregnant women with hypotension .

Low pressure in pregnancy: recommendations.

As soon as you wake up , do not immediately get up and leave the bed. It is better to lie down a couple of minutes, a good stretch to the whole body awake.

For breakfast, you should use the juice, and foods rich in protein.

If you feel nauseous you should lie down and raise your feet up. That way the blood from the legs will go to the upper body, and it will provide the brain with oxygen.

To prevent varicose veins and maintain the stability of blood pressure you should wear compression stockings.

Physical activity is highly recommended – swimming, dancing, jogging, etc. These activities stimulate muscle tone and blood vessels.