Drinking tea to lower blood pressure

Did you know that the main risk factors for cardiovascular disease are high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, excess weight and smoking. High blood pressure is responsible, alone, to just under 8 million deaths per year worldwide, making it the cause of nearly half of strokes and heart attacks.

Archives of Internal Medicine by the University of Western Australia shows a recent study in which it is said that drinking three cups of black tea per day over several months may help lower blood pressure.

This study was conducted by separating into two groups 95 people , men 35 and women 75 . The first group was instructed to drink three cups of tea made from black tea powder, containing polyphenols, and caffeine. The second was to drink three cups containing a placebo of similar taste and caffeine content, but no tea.

After 6 months, results show in the first group had their systolic and diastolic blood pressure decreased from 2 to 3 points (1 point = 1 mm Hg) compared to the other group. The researchers concluded that the decrease was due to the antioxidant properties of tea polyphenols lavished by the tea.

The authors of this study said , these findings could lead to a 10% decrease in the prevalence of hypertension, and 7 to 10% risk of cardiovascular disease.