Widespread disease high blood pressure – less salt helps

Federal Institute recommends lowering the salt content of processed foods as a measure against high blood pressure .

What would be the soup without salt?

The addition of salt in processed foods has multiple benefits: durability of the food and the taste improve , it is also involved in many basic metabolic processes in our body. But too much of something is always bad . A high salt intake can lead to the increase of blood pressure , and promotes cardiovascular disease. By reducing salt intake, blood pressure can be lowered easily .

It is well known that young men, children and teenagers eat too much salt. Since there is a relation between high salt intake and high blood pressure. A reduced salt diet is not easy to implement, since salt in almost all the processed foods .

The salt is added in many foods , including bread, dairy products (eg cheese), meat and sausages. Also, snacks and sauces often contain lots of salt.