Potatoes can help you to reduce your high blood pressure

With just some potatoes per day , you can achieve a reduction in blood pressure.

While the food in the United States is often accused of being responsable of fatness and being unhealthy.However not so much people realize that it has excellent properties.

The research presented at a conference recently held in Denver (Colorado), showed that “the potatoes, probably more than any other plant, have nutritional characteristics useful in the treatment of obese patients. You have to eat it boiled instead of friet, they are at low-calorie food (110 kcal / hg) and it can be very beneficial. “Said Dr. Vinson.
The researcher conducted a study in which 18 people , overweight and with a tendency to high blood pressure, they divided them into 2 groups give them a diet of one of these potatoes.
After 4 weeks, the treated group showed a decrease in diastolic and systolic blood pressure 4.3% 3.5%.