Lowering blood pressure with the help of the Internet

Candienne foundation launched a program of motivation and education that help patients with hypertension on the Internet. A concept that has to be proved itself, according to the experts.

“Does your lifestyle influence to have a successful life ?”, “What are your main concerns in the future if your health deteriorates? Will you like it? “. This is essentially the preamble of the program of motivational Heart and Stroke Foundation Canadian destination for people with cardiovascular risk factors. Its our goal to find out what are the problems of these individuals in order to find an ideal lifestyle and improve their health.

The foundation has developed a tool for this purpose, free and accessible to all people on the Internet : the Heart & Stroke Health eSupport. It is a kind of questionnaire that helps to know the risk factors for patients,it ask about their family history and lifestyle (smoking, exercise, salt intake, etc). Then you can customized it,An email will be sent every 15 days according to the points for improvement identified and for which the patient has expressed a desire to change. The device was tested for four months in 387 people aged 45 to 74 years with hypertension . For Dr. Robert Nolan, author of the work, the results are clear: “The program has doubled the decrease in systolic blood pressure in patients who have received the therapeutic “says he.

Transmit the results of self-measurement

In this statement is skeptical Dr. Nicolas Postel-Vinay, . “None satisfactory study has enabled this day to prove the benefit of a counseling program of this type Internet to improve blood pressure, he says.

The analysis of several scientific studies have proven the usefulness of this method to lower blood pressure. There is a similar websire www.automesure.com, to help patients . It has also recently developed a telemedicine program that communicates the results to the attending physician with equipment able to upload the data or linkable to an Iphone. “The patient manages his personal best,” said he. An evaluation of the device is underway.

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