Hypertension: milk or soy to lower the pressure

Milk proteins as well as soy could lower blood pressure of hypertensive people.
This is apparent from an Amercan study attended by 352 people with a diagnosis of prehypertension .

Each day, participants had to replace a snack or part of a meal by an additional 40 g of milk protein, soy or placebo (a sugar) during 8 weeks with a break of three weeks between each one.
After testing, the researchers found that supplements of milk protein and soy reduces both systolic blood pressure of participants 2.3 mmHg and 2 mmHg, respectively, compared to placebo. The last one had increased its share slightly to the pressure of the participants.

These results support the DASH diet, antihypertensive, which recommends a high intake of dairy products low in fat.
As for soybeans, researchers found that these proteins have a hypotensive effect comparable to some milk. Previous studies have also shown that soy also helps to lower blood pressure.

Dr. Jian , study director,says “This is an average decrease of 2 mmHg in systolic blood pressure alone could reduce mortality by 6% for stroke (stroke), and 4% from heart disease.”

However, he stressed it would be premature for the moment to suggest to people who want to reduce their overall pressure to eat more protein. So right now it is pending further studies .