Great foods to lower high blood pressure

Another element for healthy living is good nutrition. Most people know that sodium is not good for lowering blood pressure but there are also other foods that should not be eaten.

The right food for normal tension

Always remember this that sodium levels should be low and potassium levels should be high. A good sodium / potassium ratio means that your blood pressure is also healthy. A low potassium causes the body hangs on to more sodium, which leads to high blood pressure.

Three foods that contain high amounts of potassium are bananas, soybeans and white potatoes cooked. Eat potassium from food rather than supplements. High concentrations of potassium can be bad for the body. The heart can suffer serious problems if this happens.

Eat foods rich in magnesium. Beans and spinach are common examples of foods rich in magnesium. The macro-minerals magnesium helps reduce and maintain a healthy blood pressure. In addition, foods listed above also provide a large amount of potassium, so it’s a win-win.

Another food product that promotes good blood circulation is dark chocolate to lower blood pressure. An study of American Medical Association said that eating a small piece of dark chocolate reduce tension. It is therefore a kind of healthy food that everyone will be more than happy to eat!

Fish is a very beneficial food these days. The madness surrounding the Omega 3 hit across the globe. This is not surprising because most of the world base their diet on fresh fruits, vegetables and fresh fish. The populations of these countries are often those that are healthier.

Fresh fish, especially fatty fish have omega-3 fatty acids called EPA and DHA are both good for the heart. In addition to lower blood pressure, omega-3 also has the ability to stop and even to treat angina. But before you get to eat tuna, there is something you should know. Tuna is associated with high levels of mercury. Limit your intake of fresh tuna to once a week. You can also try wild fish such as salmon, because they are caught in clean waters.

Eggs have not been oso populara these last years because of cholesterol problems. Regardless of their bad reputation, the eggs are still a cheap source of quality protein and many other nutrients.

Some studies indicate that specific egg proteins might have effects similar to those of ACE inhibitors. The ACE inhibitors are prescribed medications to treat high blood pressure.