Vegetable diet is better than fruit

Experts from London found that for overweight people the best diet will be vegetable . According to nutritionists, from Imperial College, it is best to eat vegetables instead of fruit. Fruit diet is not fast enough to reduce weight and in adition to this they recommend the dash diet .

By increasing triglyceride levels in the body increases the risk of hypertension. In fruits that contains fructose. You can use fruit to decrease blood cholesterol levels, but increases triglyceride levels.

Researchers from the United States conducted a study which involved 4500 people. In the experiment participants who ate more than 74 grams of fructose per day, the risk of hypertension increased by 87%.

As for vegetables, they are required to use them for weight loss. According to nutritionists, the diet should include four pieces of fruit In vegetables contain the most vitamins. To eat vegetables can be cooked in as well as in baked form.