Treatment of hypertension with starvation

The most common disease among people who have reached middle age, is hypertension. Pressure jumps in any adverse effects on the body (the weather, the excitement, stress). In such situations, the body with needed help. What is the treatment with starvation. Treatment of hypertension with fasting – it is just one way to treat it. But this method is very effective. It does not require large investments that many important because hypertension is mainly sick elderly people who can not secure a normal life with pensions, not to mention the treatment.

The meaning of hypertension treatment by fasting is to purify the body of toxins. Clean body – healthy body. It should be noted that this method of treatment of hypertension is not a single action. After cleaning the body to maintain it in this state permanently. Only in this case, hypertension, and not only it does not threaten you.

The rules of fasting.
In the treatment of hypertension with fasting is an important factor in salt-free diet. It should be borne in mind that not everyone will benefit from a complete rejection of food. For obese people who are more prone to this disease, one hundred percent not eating can cause irreparable damage. That is why, they developed a salt-free diet.

Cleansing your body, fat people can eat cereal, cooked with water and make sure no salt. Most suitable for preparation of such grains of cereals, oatmeal is, but not oats. Buy peeled oats. Not cleaned oats can be used only for cooking broths, which are ideally suited for the treatment of gastro-intestinal tract. Beside the oatmeal can use buckwheat. The main rule – the complete exclusion of salt from the diet.

Why is not advisable to use rolled oats? Quite simply, it’s oatmeal crushed oats. When passing through the press in the grain changes occur at the cellular level. That is why such a grain can not be useful for our body.

As we eat porridge? Porridge, cooked the recommended way, you can eat in any quantity and at any time. The impetus for the meal may be just hungry. Use any additives (oil, salt, sugar) is strictly prohibited. These recommendations may include forgiving, so there is complete rejection of food. They are suitable for all those who want to cleanse the body to cure itself from changes in pressure, as well as for those who can not stand starvation.

But we know that hypertension is a disease not only full of people. For other people hypertension can be treated fully, wholly owned refusal of food – starvation.

Getting to such a serious action, you should consult with your doctor.
From the beginning, completely clean the bowel. For this we need to drink sachet (20 g) of Epsom salts dissolved in 200 ml of water. At this stage the treatment of hypertension begins hunger.

Every day, the entire period of fasting do cleansing enemas. This procedure is optional since the recycling of food remaining in the gut leads to intoxication, that is, the poisoning.

During fasting should eat lots of water. It is very important to follow the evolution of the liquid. The more fluid from the body goes, the better.

The maximum period of fasting without doctor’s supervision for seven days. But watch your condition if you are very hard to cut up to five or three days.