The right diet for high blood pressure

In order to reduce blood pressure it is very important the conversion of the food . A proper diet for high blood pressure should also be accompanied by a doctor . The diet should be healthy and low in sodium. This is a good and sufficient exercise. Anyone who smokes should either give up their habit,, it is very dangerous for the high blood pressure. Coffee is a real poison with high blood pressure, so this should be drunk in moderation, as well as alcohol. To reduce stress is to pursue a hobby.

It is important in the diet for high blood pressure , that it contains less salt than usual.6 grams a day should not be exceeded. Potassium-rich foods are worth gold. Consequently, there is also an increased sodium and water excretion, and thus the potassium provides a healthy exchange of fluid in the body.

With regard to the fats should be better selected. Saturated fatty acids should be replaced to unsaturated fatty acids. Animal fats act just as bad on blood pressure, which is why vegetable fats are better. Olive oil, sunflower oil, or similar vegetable oils are better for the body, as butter, lard or bacon.

For the amount of potassium in the blood can make easily with the consumption of rice, potatoes or fruit. If you follow this nutrition program it should have a very positive effects on blood pressure.