Medicine for high blood pressure that could save millions of lives

Scientists are very close to find a cure for high blood pressure that could save the lives of millions of people every year.

Australian scientists are finding the closest medicine, which will reduce the risk of heart attack. That would be a real progress in the treatment of this disease, because only in the UK 10 million people suffer from it, while the other five million do not know about it.

High blood pressure is the third on the list of 65 causes of death and as a consequence every year 62,000 people die.

Scientists have realizedhow the enzyme renin really works , which influence the increase in blood pressure, it can be excessively produced in the kidneys. They found two molecules known as microRNAs, which destabilize the enzyme of production.

– This is a whole new concept that is very interesting – said Australian geneticist, Professor Brian Morris.

In one study of human kidney it revealed that those who have high blood pressure, renin enzyme is six times more active while microRNAssix times smaller.

– That’s the key. These two microRNAs are much smaller for sensitive people. When you cut them or lose, renin is increased and that increases blood pressure – said Professor Morris.

He now hopes that this discovery will help you find a cure that could overturn the levels of renin and prevent the occurrence of high blood pressure.