Hypertension (high blood pressure) and pregnancy

Chronic hypertension before pregnancy is known as essential hypertension. It is high blood pressure that is caused by kidney disease or other medical condition. In any case, the doctor would have to find the cause of rising pressure before pregnancy.

Severe chronic hypertension is best treated during pregnancy because it can lead to heart attacks. In this case it exceeds the common drugs that are given, those drugs that are safer for the fetus. Before pregnancy it is good to consult a doctor about the changes needed to control blood pressure.

Although the treatment of mild chronic hypertension can reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure characteristic of the pregnancy – pre-eclampsia (toxaemia), still the object of debate and conflict of opinion. If you have mild hypertension and your doctor thinks that it should be treated, in which case you need to take medications that are safer for the fetus. If a doctor believes that the risk of taking drugs is greater than the risk of preeclampsia, you have tp agree with him to stop taking the medication, but with his constant supervision.

The good news is that most (85%) of women with essential hypertension have a normal pregnancy with successful outcome.