High blood pressure is something that has been built in recent years more and more into the society. this has changed and the environment has changed and so the body must adapt to these new realities and just make sure it gets along in the new world. This is not always easy, especially when a lot of stress is waiting for him and he has to repeat this day after day.
High blood pressure has come but not always caused by stress. It can also be hereditary.

Here sometips from the dash diet blog :

-We can lower high blood pressure with some rest. Is it usually caused by stress, then a little bit of peace is the right way to reduce hypertension.

-The medication should always be prescribed by your doctor.

-Yoga and relaxation exercises can help to lower blood pressure. They help you to find inner peace and to just treat the body better.

-Thermal baths, relaxing massages and many other applications also help.

Blood pressure should be checked regularly so that everyone is concerned about it .