How to eat better at low pressure ?

How to eat better at low pressure, whether or not there is a little more salt, as advised some of my friends?
Hypotensive often advised to eat and drink what you can not use in hypertension. This is only partly true, because every body needs a clean and fit the vessels, and any surplus brings only harm.

• hypotensive should not completely abandon the salty and greasy, but the excess of such food is bad for blood vessels. Especially this damage increases if the diet a little fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs. Excess salt in the body in any way an effort on the kidneys, do not forget it.

• Be aware of a balanced and natural diet and do not overdo coffee, black tea, fried. Eat at least 4-5 times a day, but do not overeat, or achieve sleepiness instead of tone. Solite foods in moderation, but give preference to the salt with iodine, potassium and magnesium, which can be bought at the pharmacy.

• Contrary to some people, under reduced pressure, alcohol use will bring. Especially when it comes to beverages, dilates blood vessels, such as brandy. Alcohol is better replaced by tincture tonic herbs.

A more correct to consult with the cardiologist about what alcoholic drinks you can drink and how much, since the causes of hypotonia can be very different. Sometimes doctors advise to take over a small glass of this red wine, in which many antioxidants, beneficial for blood vessels.

• Do not forget the fruit juices, which are the elixir of vitality and ‘have a strong health-improving energy. Mix carrot juice with a little beet (eg 3:1), or drink them separately. You can add these juices and cucumber juice, celery juice, parsley.

• Hypotensive very useful to have the fruits of mulberry. Better if the berries of mulberry tree will be black. Eat them as much as possible in the fresh summer or eat honey or sugar syrup from the berries in winter.
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