Guide: How to reduce high blood pressure

High blood pressure is almost a national disease. In Germany, nearly half of all adult people suffer from high blood pressure. Older people are more likely than younger people being affected. The problem with high blood pressure is that it’s over very long time not noticeable. During this period, numerous complications, such as Kidney damage, heart and vascular diseases, or set eyes. High blood pressure is the cause of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack or stroke. Therefore, it is important to reduce high blood pressure.

What is high blood pressure?

The ideal blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg. The first number is the systolic reading, which occurs during the ejection phase of tension and of the heart. For the second value is the diastolic value, which arises during the relaxation and filling phase of the heart. Where the systolic reading over 140 permanent and lasting value of the diastolic is over 90, against high blood pressure. The fact that risk factors such as vascular disease, before, have thus already treated values ​​of 130/85 mmHg. You can even do something for your health and treat high blood pressure.

What you can do yourself to lower your blood pressure ?

You should check your blood pressure regularly. Blood pressure measuring devices are available in pharmacies in different versions. Blood pressure is measured on the upper arm or wrist. The gauges often have memory so you can save your blood pressure readings. High blood pressure is often justified in the way of life. Stress, an unhealthy and unbalanced diet and high alcohol and nicotine consumption, favoring the high blood pressure. A lack of exercise, high-salt foods, a low-potassium diet and obesity can lead to high blood pressure.

If the doctor to do blood pressure firmly, he can prescribe various medications, including beta-blockers. He will often advise you to alter your lifestyle. Do you suffer from high blood pressure, so you should only drink a little alcohol. Do you smoke, so you should reduce your nicotine intake. If you overweight before, so you should reduce your weight. You should avoid any attack on a radical diet, because you take a lot of weight in a short time, but can grow rapidly through the yo-yo effect again. A better choice is the slow, healthy weight loss. Make your diet and give up high-fat, high calorie foods. Instead, you should eat fruits and vegetables, lean meats and fish. With plenty of exercise you can lower your blood pressure and also reduce your weight.