Due to undesirable side effects of many medications for high blood pressure remembers one increasingly on natural healing methods.

A healthy and balanced diet can make a significant contribution.

A healthy, balanced diet and a healthy growth in childhood may contribute to stable blood pressure values ​​in adults. In particular, the healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy and the early years of the child seems to play a significant role.

Possible causes of high blood pressure
Elevated blood pressure values ​​usually occur in middle age and may be subject to genetic factors, because they occur in families. In addition, environmental influences play, stress and noise an important role. In some cases, an impairment of renal function preceded by an elevated blood pressure, also reported by hormonal disturbances, may favor the higher values. The most common form is the so-called arterial hypertension, or primary, whose exact cause has still not been clarified completely.

Approaches to the treatment of high blood pressure
Medical treatment and therapy plan
Sports in moderation lowers blood pressure, but avoid overexertion is
Healthy diet to avoid obesity

The attending physician will decide on further action, usually in the treatment of high blood pressure patients. The physician created a treatment plan that will establish dietary guidelines and to inform the patient of sporting activities and blood pressure measurements.

Weight management and nutrition are a necessity for elevated blood pressure values
In general, high blood pressure patients is recommended on a low-fat, balanced diet to respect and to reduce alcohol consumption. In particular, because most drugs have undesirable side effects, nutrition increasingly becoming a factor in high blood pressure patients in importance. The blood pressure drops significantly when the body weight is gradually reduced with the help of a permanent change in diet. In a fast weight loss diets, however, sided by, for example, there is the danger that the well-known “yo-yo effect” sets. The “yo-yo effect”, even the tendency to high blood pressure intensify.

As described, contributes a low-fat diets and low levels of alcohol helps to reduce blood pressure. Various foods and their ingredients can affect the blood pressure values ​​in both the positive and negative ways. To the pressor and thus belong to Avoid foods such as:
Salt and heavily salted foods such as cured meat, chips and pretzels and pretzel sticks
Pickled foods, finished products and canned
Stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and cigarettes
Fat than saturated fatty acid found in animal foods such as sausages and meat but also cream and cheese

The foods listed below have blood pressure lowering properties, and thus should be consumed regularly:
Fresh vegetables and fruit (provides potassium, which mitigates the effects of high salt intake)
Low-fat fish (omega 3 fatty acids, as occurring for example in plaice, saithe and cod, lower the blood pressure)
Coconut water (as a source of potassium and magnesium)
Herbs and spices such as chives, marjoram, parsley, nettles, wild garlic and garlic in particular have a blood pressure-lowering effect
Dark, semi-bitter chocolate (minimum 80% cocoa) with appropriate caloric balance twice a week, but in small quantities. This chocolate contains phytochemicals, the polyphenols that influence blood pressure
Mineral water with at least 1,300 milligrams per liter of hydrogen (lowers blood pressure and cholesterol).

Good suppliers are also vegetables such as potassium
– Spinach
– Carrots
– Avocado
– Potatoes
– Pulses

and fruits such as
– Banana
– Stone Fruit
– Berries

A healthy, balanced diet high in vegetables and fruit and low fat dairy products and fish using tastier herbs and spices instead of salt can therefore make a significant contribution to lowering the blood pressure values