Diet for Hypertension

Arterial hypertension manifests itself increases blood pressure.
To prevent these phenomena need to diet.
From the diet to exclude or limit the consumption of products contributing to increased pressure.

Total exclusion to be coffee, cocoa, strong tea, as they are composed of caffeine, foods containing large amounts of salt, spices, as well as canned and smoked products. In addition to abandon products containing fats, fatty meats and fish, and ice cream.

With hypertension should limit salt intake to five grams a day. In the case of acute illness salt should be completely excluded. Limitation shall be potatoes, peas, beans, beans. Rate of consumption of bread (black) shall be not more than two hundred grams per day

Diet for Hypertension allow dairy products, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese (low fat). Kashi oatmeal should be crisp, buckwheat, Pshenko. Soup, vegetable, cereals, fruits, dairy, meat of lean meat. Vegetables and fruits raw, cooked, salads and vinaigrettes should be primed with oil. The most useful when the disease are apples, apricots, dried apricots.
With the development of hypertension in the background of overweight, the diet is of particular importance. It involves reducing caloric intake by reducing fat intake with increasing carbs. With hypertension are not allowed hunger and low-calorie diet.
To part with this disease need to change their attitude to diet (in qualitative and quantitative terms), and possibly change your life. There is an algorithm of human health. … Performing simple 4-step process:

4) Feed the cell and the organism as a whole gives an excellent result.

Necessary to maintain an optimal balance in the body of water reserves, preferring clean water biologically accessible Coral Mein with alkalizing minerals. It has improved biological properties (low surface tension, slightly alkaline pH levels, contains about 70 essential minerals, macro-and microelements in digestible form and optimal ratios, cleaned of chlorine, and toxic substances), meets the needs of body cells. Water has an ordered structure of atoms, it becomes bioavailable.