Blue potatoes for high blood pressure

The potato is a very healthy vegetable, but thanks to dishes like french fries or potato chips, they unfortunately fallen in recent years is a little into disrepute. It has the potato in a gentle and low-fat cooking quite beneficial health effects. Thus, U.S. researchers have now demonstrated in a study, for example, that the consumption of blue potatoes in overweight causes the blood pressure is lowered.

For one month, overweight subjects had to eat with blue potatoes. They ate every day for six to eight tubers of potato exotic places. They were prepared without fat in the microwave. At the end showed both the values ​​of the upper and the lower blood pressure, a significant improvement. In addition, no participant took during this time.

As mentioned, the basic scientist, the secondary plant substances that are contained abundantly in blue potatoes. An elevated blood pressure is often associated with obesity. He is responsible for ailments such as hardening of the arteries, eye damage or heart failure.