Blood pressure lowering

Heart diseases are the most common causes of death for us and “just” a too high blood pressure are even life threatening. Who wants to lower his blood pressure has to undergo a medical treatment but not always, there are also a number of simple measures which can reduce their blood pressure naturally. A few simple tips which you can lower his blood pressure and may prevent the development of high blood pressure:

Physical activity:

Our body needs exercise to stimulate the blood circulation. Physical activity forces the heart to measures to improve blood circulation to take, strengthens the heart muscle and lowers blood pressure. A daily brisk walk may be enough to reduce the function of the heart in the regulation of blood pressure, or when blood pressure support.


Stay fit and slim. A healthy body has no excess fat.


Reduce your salt intake. Too much salt in your diet affects blood pressure. The most industrially processed foods contain a lot of salt. Check always the first question when shopping the salt content of foods on the label. Also avoid eating in restaurants when you do not know how much salt certain foods contain. You will be surprised how much salt is used in many foods.


Emotional disorders such as anxiety, fear, stress and strain on our nerves, make your heart beat faster and raise blood pressure. To avoid this you must learn to calm themselves, and so reduce blood pressure to.